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MGMT, Avett Brothers, Sublime with Rome, Jason Mraz and many others gave life to the Sunfest in West Palm Beach this year. The festival was set in the very picturesque bay in West palm Beach. Soyprensa’s adventure at Sunfest consisted in two days in the festival, opening day and Saturday that featured the ubber-hipster MGMT.

The first day of the festival took place from 5 in the afternoon to 10:30 at night. Our first stop was to check out the reggae band The Supervillians. The band took the stage a little passed 7 PM, and consisted in six surfers playing a Ska-ish reggae, in other words, the perfect band to play in that stage before Sublime. After a while of this, we decided to go to the “Tire Kingdom Stage” (No kidding, that was the real name) to see the very excellent Avett Brothers. Now, I have to say something about this band, all of us here at Soyprensa are huge fans of this bluegrassy/folkish/punkish ensemble, so don’t judge us if we’re biased. The North Carolina band took the stage around 8:15 PM and from the beginning had the crowd in the palm of their hand. After an hour and a half of beautiful melodies, aggressive Banjo and pure energy, the Brothers left us wanting more and wishing for their speedy return to Florida.

To end the night, we decided to check out Sublime. Rome (The new singer) sings and plays very similar to the late Bradley Nowell, and the band seemed to enjoy playing in front of an audience again. Here’s the thing about Sublime, they sound outdated. This may be due to the fact that after their success so many bands tried to emulate their sound, some succeeded at this, and this made their once original sound become some how generic, and it showed on this show.

The second day arrived with grey skies. The probability of rain was high, and that is a dangerous thing for a family festival such as the Sunfest. Luckily it was just the clouds and no water. The first band of the day was the indie rock band Steel Train. The band from New Jersey performed for a little over an hour, and their garage guitars and folk influence was the perfect sound for all hipsters and scenesters that were getting to the grounds for the MGMT show. After Steel Train left the stage it was MGMT’s turn. People went crazy when they started playing, and the band reciprocated that energy. The band played for an hour and a half and pleased the audience with all their hits, psychedelic sounds and a impromptu race by the barricades that separated the crowd and the stage. It was very obvious that the band from Connecticut enjoyed their time playing here and gave their all.

All in all, the festival brought a great crowd, erasing the lines between demographics thanks in part to it’s eclectic line up, in part to the lack of shows coming to this part of the country during summer, but most of all, thanks to bringing artists that people wanted to see. It’s unfair to compare this year’s festival to last year’s. A lot has happened since, people are not so afraid to spend some money; I’m not so mad about the Flaming Lips cancelling at the last minute (that happened last year) or maybe it was just a better line up for my taste in music.

All we can hope for is that Sunfest keeps up the good job and that the revival of Langerado becomes a healthy competition of bringing the best music possible to South Florida.

Diego Dazza

Some pics of the festival, enjoy!

Photos by: Veronica Peña
& Liliana Mora


Sunfest returns to its beautiful waterfront location in downtown West Palm Beach. This year the festival will last from April 27th to May 1st. Much like last year, the musicians in attendance have worldwide acclaim. The good people behind Sunfest have put together an exceptional lineup for the 29th: the celebration will peak with music legends Earth, Wind and Fire along, Jeff Beck, and indie music darlings MGMT and Neon Trees. Sunfest is quickly building itself up into a can’t miss destination for music fans in Florida. This year’s lineup spans a wide spectrum of musical tastes from reggae to jazz to rap and even swing. In addition to well-known headliners, one of the nicest things about Sunfest is that they give local bands the opportunity to participate and perform, so please dear reader, make sure you check these guys out. This is how the whole line up looks like:

Jason Mraz, Earth, Wind & Fire, Styx, MGMT, Sublime with Rome, Cee Lo Green, Jeff Beck, Taking Back Sunday, Gregg Allman, Neon Trees, The Avett Brothers, O.A.R., Mike Posner, Sick Puppies, Never Shout Never, Prince Royce, Anberlin, Cherry Poppin’ Daddies, Toad The Wet Sprocket, The Supervillains, Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Circa Survive, Brooke Fraser, Ziggy Marley, The New Planets, Nothing Rhymes with Orange, The Elements of Jazz, Funky Seeds, Andre, Inspired Flight, ¡Mayday!, Panic Bomber, Steel Train, Memphis Soul Revue, Tribal Seeds, Mann featuring Rock-It! Scientists, The Kinected, Jesse Young Band, Bobby Lee Rodgers, Variety Workshop, Dharmata, Jeff Harding, Joel DaSilva & the Midnight Howl, Pee Wee Lewis and the Hues, Shazman, The Gallery, Sarah Packiam, The Vegabonds and Peter Baldwin.

For tickets and information you can visit their website at


April 28th began in a bittersweet fashion. The excitement was palpable on the way to West Palm beach for two days full of music and good times. Just as reference let me say that Soyprensa’s headquarters in the U.S. are located in Miami which is proximately one hour and forty minutes away from West Palm Beach. It was  just before half of the way when the news broke out, the Flaming Lips were canceling their performance on the Sunfest due to an emergency in which Steve Drozd had to be rushed to the hospital. TOTAL BUMMER. The flaming Lips were the main reason for many fans to buy tickets to this festival. Now, the anger that you are reading doesn’t have anything to do with the festival, or with the band, it just pain sucked and i had to put it in this article somewhere. So anyway, we scratched covering the second day when we heard the news (Sorry ZZ Top fans). After the initial shock, however, we ponied up and went for the opening day which actually had a pretty decent line up.
The first stop after getting to the festival was These United States. This is a band from Washington D.C. and they play a really good style of rock, mixing classic, indie and southern rock. The band played at 5 in the afternoon and sadly the crowd was just a handful of people at that time. The band seemed to not really care and they put a great performance and as a first time listener , I can safely say that their music wasn’t bad at all.

Next, after an hour break, we went to check out Constellations. Constellations, along with These United States, are up and coming bands that have been touring for most of the year and will be performing in big stages later this summer such as Lollapalooza. Constellation’s music consisted in a mix of hip hop, rock and funk, not my favorite mix but the crowd seemed to dig them. Other than making me fall in love with one of the band’s background singers, the band offered nothing new and their set was a little monotonous.

When the constellation’s were done with their set a bigger crowd gathered in the Tire Kingdom stage (the other one was the Bank of America stage. so much for indie music festivals huh?) to wait for the great We Are Scientist. The band from California took the stage the crowd finally seemed like a music festival crowd. The band started at eight on the dot and went into a high energy, punkish guitars and full sound that are characteristic of We are Scientists. After the fist couple of songs the audience was red hot and the band got more comfortable on stage with their comedic antics. They even poked fun at the Sunfest by saying that every time they banter between songs they were required by the festival to plug a different product. They played for an hour and a half, but sadly a big chunk of the crowd left because they were scheduled to play until 9: 30 and Weezer started to play at 9 on the other stage…bad timming.
At 9 P.M. Weezer took the stage, after the worst introduction by two very annoying local DJs, they launched into Hash Pipe and followed with Troublemaker and Surf Wax America to kick off their set. Not too shabby. Weezer played hit after hit and some people were really into it. Rivers Cuomo did his best to be a lead singer by putting aside his functions as a guitar player and he actually did pretty good. They did get in the set a couple of their new song from the not-so-great Ratitude, but mostly their set consisted in an abundance of songs from the blue album, Maladroit, and well known singles such as Beverly Hills and Island in the Sun in which Cuomo played all the instruments by looping them and making the crowd sing the very famous “Hip Hip”. One of the most memorable and eclectic moments of the night came when after the first encore break Weezer covered MGMT’s Kids with an insert of Lady Gaga’s Pocker face in the middle of the song, with Cuomo sporting a blond long hair wig. The band Sign off with Buddy Holly sending all concert goers home happy.


Hello everyone, we covered SunFest this year, and while we have that concert review all set, here are some pictures of the Festival Headline: Weezer! Enjoy!

Photographs by:

John Arroyo

Jasmine Arroyo


It is hard for bands to come to South Florida since Florida’s panhandle is very out of the way from the rest of the country. Hundreds of times we have seen bands map their world tours and hundreds of times we have been left disappointed to see the schedule cities list with ours omitted. It’s a sad thing for the music fans in this part of the country.
But as all sad stories this one brings some lights among the shadows, enter the good people at West Palm Beach’s Sunfest. Taking off where Langerado dropped the ball last year, the Sunfest is bringing some of the biggest rock acts to our state. Since 1982 the West Palm Beach music festival has been entertaining Floridians and visitors that are not only looking for great bands to check out, but also for the wonderful art exhibits and great food.
Sunfest 2010, taking place from April 28th to May 2nd, is looking all kind of good. Not only will be taking place in the beautiful waterfront of West Palm Beach, but it will bring two of the biggest acts in rock music. During the opening night, Weezer will be playing. Rivers Cuosmo and company will bring their melodies and catchy guitars to Florida after a hiatus of more than 4 years when they were promoting their album Make Believe. Now, after two more albums under their belt, the veteran rock band is ready to rock Floridians once more.
The main dish for me comes during the second night of the festival. The Flaming Lips from Oklahoma will be performing. The Flips are a great psycodelic rock band that put so many props in their concerts that makes them unforgettable. I’ve seen this band four times in the past, and can’t wait to see them at this year’s Sunfest. Nice grab Sunfest! One bummer is, though, that the Flips are going to be conflicting with rock and roll legends ZZ Top. I’ll try to catch them both somehow.

The full line up of the festival is this:
ZZ Top
Ben Harper and the Relentless 7
Patti Labelle
Maze with Frankie Beverly
The Flaming Lips
Rise Against
REO Speedwagon
Nas & Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley
The B-52’s
Smash Mouth
Sean Kingston
Five for Fighting
Flogging Molly
Sister Hazel
Better than Ezra
Marcus Miller
Classic albums Live’s 40 years of Woodstock
The Charlie Daniels Band
We Are Scientist
Bedouin Soundclash
Alberta Cross
These United States
Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights
Big D and the Kid’s Table
April Phillips
Cowboy Mouth
Crash Kings
Ever So Klever
Griffin Anthony
Gringo stars
How Dare You
J.P. Soars & the Red & Hots
Johnny Cakes & the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypso
Matt farr
Minister Theory
Noel Lorica & Treebo
Speaking Volumes
The Danny Morris Band
The OPM Band
The People Upstairs
The Shauna Sweeney Band
The Value Meal Killah and the Snack pack
White Collar Crime

As we can see from the eclectic line up, the festival is set up to be a very diverse and enjoyable experience.
Tickets and information can be found at the Sunfest website