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MGMT, Avett Brothers, Sublime with Rome, Jason Mraz and many others gave life to the Sunfest in West Palm Beach this year. The festival was set in the very picturesque bay in West palm Beach. Soyprensa’s adventure at Sunfest consisted in two days in the festival, opening day and Saturday that featured the ubber-hipster MGMT.

The first day of the festival took place from 5 in the afternoon to 10:30 at night. Our first stop was to check out the reggae band The Supervillians. The band took the stage a little passed 7 PM, and consisted in six surfers playing a Ska-ish reggae, in other words, the perfect band to play in that stage before Sublime. After a while of this, we decided to go to the “Tire Kingdom Stage” (No kidding, that was the real name) to see the very excellent Avett Brothers. Now, I have to say something about this band, all of us here at Soyprensa are huge fans of this bluegrassy/folkish/punkish ensemble, so don’t judge us if we’re biased. The North Carolina band took the stage around 8:15 PM and from the beginning had the crowd in the palm of their hand. After an hour and a half of beautiful melodies, aggressive Banjo and pure energy, the Brothers left us wanting more and wishing for their speedy return to Florida.

To end the night, we decided to check out Sublime. Rome (The new singer) sings and plays very similar to the late Bradley Nowell, and the band seemed to enjoy playing in front of an audience again. Here’s the thing about Sublime, they sound outdated. This may be due to the fact that after their success so many bands tried to emulate their sound, some succeeded at this, and this made their once original sound become some how generic, and it showed on this show.

The second day arrived with grey skies. The probability of rain was high, and that is a dangerous thing for a family festival such as the Sunfest. Luckily it was just the clouds and no water. The first band of the day was the indie rock band Steel Train. The band from New Jersey performed for a little over an hour, and their garage guitars and folk influence was the perfect sound for all hipsters and scenesters that were getting to the grounds for the MGMT show. After Steel Train left the stage it was MGMT’s turn. People went crazy when they started playing, and the band reciprocated that energy. The band played for an hour and a half and pleased the audience with all their hits, psychedelic sounds and a impromptu race by the barricades that separated the crowd and the stage. It was very obvious that the band from Connecticut enjoyed their time playing here and gave their all.

All in all, the festival brought a great crowd, erasing the lines between demographics thanks in part to it’s eclectic line up, in part to the lack of shows coming to this part of the country during summer, but most of all, thanks to bringing artists that people wanted to see. It’s unfair to compare this year’s festival to last year’s. A lot has happened since, people are not so afraid to spend some money; I’m not so mad about the Flaming Lips cancelling at the last minute (that happened last year) or maybe it was just a better line up for my taste in music.

All we can hope for is that Sunfest keeps up the good job and that the revival of Langerado becomes a healthy competition of bringing the best music possible to South Florida.

Diego Dazza

Some pics of the festival, enjoy!

Photos by: Veronica Peña
& Liliana Mora


Lollapalooza came and went for one more year. Perry Farrel’s festival took place in the beautiful Chicago from August 5th to the 7th in a very hot weekend. The windy city welcomed thousands of music fans, hipsters and groups of teenagers who seemed to be in their first concert because of their lack of coolness. Lollapalooza was the only major festival in the U.S. that didn’t sell out. There are several theories for this, but the most popular one is the quality, or lack of rather, of the headliners. Perry Farrel wanted to be hip and with the kidz, as they say, and he decided to book the biggest pop star of this year, Lady Gaga. The problem with this decision, other than the quality of the music, is that it turned off the usual festival goers. The second headliner was Green Day. There’s actually not that much wrong with this pick, Green Day still has some music credibility, even though it’s very little after they went crazy with their “Punk-opera” attempts and just really awful music, it’s just that they needed stronger co-headliners to work. The final headliner was the one who were supposed to bring the usual lolla fans, the brand new reunited Soundgarden. The problem with this is that Soundgarden’s fans have moved on, partly because of Chris Cornell’s crappy solo albums, who’s going to take him seriosly after that? Trent Reznor doesn’t. The second reason is that their fans are old and probably have money and rather see the grunge band in their own town when they come around.
But enough about the negative, the festival had plenty of high points. These were represented by the sub-headliners, such as Phoenix, The Strokes and the very great Canadian band The Arcade Fire among others. Spoon, Metric, Stars and MGMT also made this a great festival to go to. Also the fact that Lolla takes place in a city so beautyful and vibrant as Chicago makes this a place to go to. And finally, if you take out all the annoying teenagers and snobby hipsters, there were some really nice people around. Soyprensa was at the festival and we had a blast watching the bands we loved and skipping all the headliners.
Here are some pictures of this great event taken by Soyprensa’s photographer Liliana Mora, enjoy…

Screen shot 2010-04-13 at 9.44.05 PM

Vía Sony Music


Hoy, 13 de abril, se publica Congratulations, el segundo álbum de MGMT que ya es nº1 en ventas digitales en iTunes España. Es su primer nº1 en nuestro país, conseguido en sólo tres días de venta, y demuestra que es uno de los discos más esperados de 2010 en todo el mundo. Congratulations sucede a Oracular Spectacular, el primer trabajo de la banda estadounidense que se lanzó en 2008 y estableció a MGMT como una fuerza visionaria en la música pop. MGMT acaba de anunciar que presentará su nuevo trabajo en dos conciertos en España: el próximo 16 de diciembre en Barcelona (Sala Razzmatazz) y el 17 de diciembre en Madrid (La Riviera). Las entradas para estos dos conciertos se pondrán a la venta a partir del viernes, 16 de abril, las 10:00 horas.

Congratulations es una colección de nueve viajes musicales de intensidad e imaginación inusuales y de enorme coherencia sonora y temática. Las nuevas canciones que MGMT incluye en el álbum son: It’s Working, Song for Dan Treacy, Someone’s Missing, Flash Delirium, I Found a Whistle, Siberian Breaks, Brian Eno, Lady Dada’s Nightmare y Congratulations.

El nuevo álbum se lanza con el vídeo de la canción Flash Delirium, un nuevo y magnífico ejemplo de la imaginativa propuesta de MGMT, en el que una peculiar y atípica fiesta de bienvenida desemboca en una situación demencial con claras influencias cinematográficas, con un final caótico que acompaña a la tensión del tema. Un genial y diferente vídeo, como nos tiene acostumbrados MGMT, mezcla de realismo y ficción que y que continúa con la máxima brillantez los de Time to Pretend, Electric Feel y Kids de su anterior álbum, canciones que situaron a la banda americana en la vanguardia de la música actual alcanzando los primeros puestos en las listas internacionales.

En Congratulations, MGMT ofrece una nueva visión musical y aporta al pop mundial su manera única de inpirarse en la música de las cinco décadas pasadas. Sensible y complejo, Congratulations es una sorpresa y un increíble paso delante de MGMT en su objetivo de revolucionar el pop.


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