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The Idler Wheel Is Wiser
Than the Driver of the Screw
And Whipping Cords Will Serve You More
Than Ropes Will Ever Do

(La rueda es más sabia
Que el surco del tornillo
Y el latigazo de unas cuerdas sirve más
Que lo que una soga jamás podrá)

No es increíble que éste sea el título del nuevo disco de Fiona Apple.

Ella regresa despúes de su último disco “When The Pawn…”, lanzado en 1999.

A sólo dos semanas de poder disfrutar de la vuelta de Fiona (19/06 oficialmente), ya podemos escuchar el single adelanto “Every single night”, disponible en iTunes desde el 24/04, donde también se podrán realizar presales del disco, que contiene una ilustración de Fiona Apple.

Las canciones de “The idler wheel is wiser…” son:

Every single night

Daredevil, Valentine

Jonathan, Left alone

Werewolf, Periphery


Anything we want

Hot knife

Rolling Stone dice: “Afile su apetito para el nuevo álbum que se presenta con esta sabrosa balada”

The New York Times agrega “una mezcla entre el arrullo de una canción de cuna y lo vehemente. Fiona Apple tiene el control desde el momento en el que apareció en escena. Siempre ha tenido una parte de blueswoman, de oscura cantante de cabaret, de rock. Sus canciones tienen la erótica de lo peligroso y los colores de la desilusión”.

El 19/05 Fiona Apple comenzará una gira de 27 conciertos por Estados Unidos y Canadá en Ithaca, Nueva York y finalizará el 29/08 en Hollywood, California.

Si tengo un éxito en mi historia de relaciones es con la gente que escucha mi música.

Creo que van a estas ahí conmigo por siempre y estoy completamente satisfecha con eso.

Radioboxerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!! 048

There are few original concerts in South Florida. And even less by local bands. Radioboxer, a local band that is rapidly becoming Miami’s favorite and best, did just that.  The band decided to have their first CD release party with the theme of a circus from the 1940s.  The show took place in a warehouse transformed to a recording and practicing studio called The Annex which is owned and managed by local celebrity, and leader of the great local band Humbert, Ferny Coipel. Coipel’s place was transformed, with the help of fans and friends, to a carnival/circus by Radioboxer.

The show started at nine in the evening of August 15th.  A big and very enthusiastic crowd gathered in great spirits.  Radioboxer’s members doubled as entertainers and hosts. Every member of the band was dressed up as a member of a carnival. Vanne (lead singer) was “The Starlet”, a kind of a femme fatale from the film noir period. Jota (bass player) and the all-purpose leader of the band was “The Illusionist”, with a top hat and illusions (NO tricks!). Keyboardist Gian was “Diablo the Daredevil”. Gian was one of the members of the band that had his own sideshow by spitting fire in the outside area of the studio before the show. The other sideshow was Esteban, one of the guitar players. Esteban was “The Fortune Teller” and he had a booth inside in which he read the Tarot and told fortunes to the concertgoers. Santos, one of the band’s guitarists as well as one of the band’s musical leaders was “The Jester”. And the drummer Tekilla 23 became “The Freak” by having black make up around his eyes.

After all the people settled, the band and the audience forgot about the Kiss-esque alter-egos and focused on the music. First stop was Boxwood. Boxwood is a local band from Hollywood, Florida who consists on only one member. Jose Bryan Ferrer is a multi-instrumental musician who makes up his music by looping different instruments and playing with echoes and distortions.  Here’s the thing about Boxwood, his music is really good. Boxwood was handpicked by Radioboxer for this show because of the originality of his music and show. The Choice of this band as an opener proved to be a perfect one. The audience never knew what hit them, and they were just amazed.

I was able to get a quick interview with Boxwood after his show. This is what it was like:

Q: So, What did you think of your show tonight?

Boxwood: It went well. People seemed to be into it. Got a good response. It felt good.

Q: How did this come out? you playing here?

Boxwood:  We’ve played in the past [With Radioboxer] and, I guess, they thought it would be a good fit. Also, as a one man band, my setup can be unintrusive. I think having more or full bands may have gotten messy and broken the spell in between sets. Either way, I’m honored to have been invited to open. It’s always super fun.

Q: What do you think of the event?

Boxwood: The event is great. RB did an amazing job creating an atmosphere and setting the mood for our sets. Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves. There needs to be more like this.

Q: What’s Boxwood about?

Boxwood: Boxwood is my outlet to make things. Hopefully, I’ll suck you into my world for a while.

Q: Why not make a band?

Boxwood: I don’t know, why not? Maybe one day. There’s still a lot more I can explore as a solo artist before I can move on.

After Boxwood warmed up the crowd (in a big way), Radioboxer took the stage. The band started with “Don’t shoot at me”, a song that they refer to as their “Power Ballad”. It starts as a ballad and it builds up to a high level of energy. After that, the band never looked back. They played all their songs from their debut album entitled “Radio Drama”. The songs are fast, full of energy and emotion. They go through several music genres: punk, boleros, hard rock and power pop. The end of the first set was marked by the ultra-catchy “Placebo effect”. During this song red and white balloons started falling on the audience and this just helped to raise the already soaring level of energy among the crowd. After a short break the band came back and played four unreleased songs. These new songs were the perfect taste of what we can expect from Radioboxer in the future.

After the show I was able to sit down with Jota, Vanne and Santos and do a short interview. Here you go:

Q: Where did the idea for Radio Drama come from?

Santos: I believe it was a mixture of Jota’s fascination with the radio as well as our love of Drama in every facet of our lives.

Jota: The Idea of Radio Drama comes from the golden age of radio. They used to do these programs that were like a story or a soap opera, and since the recording of the album itself was such a long and difficult process and the music is so dramatic, we thought the name was perfect.

Q: How about the Characters?

Vanne:  They are cliché characters from carnivals or a traveling circus. We like the idea of having alter egos. I want to be like Batman.

Santos: The characters arose naturally from different events.  Esteban became the fortune teller because he has a gift, what that gift is only he and his clients know.  Tekilla is a natural freak, Jota is a sly dog (illusionist), Vanne scares me, Gian loves danger, and I love to laugh at everything.

Q: You seem to be getting good reviews in different parts of the world, which is pretty crazy being a band from Miami that plays Alternative music. What are your touring plans now?

Santos: We have a couple of big events coming up.  The Hard rock in Vegas, and we’re going to talk to some people in L.A so we can book a couple more shows there.

Jota: For now we want to hit some cities in the United States like New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Chicago but we’re pretty much open to any proposition. Just get us some tickets, somewhere to stay, a venue and we’ll be there.

Q: What’s next for Radioboxer?

Jota: We are going to Las Vegas in November to take the show to another city and to and we’re planning to play some shows as RADIOBOXER and some shows as RADIOBOXER AND THE TRAVELLING BAND to keep working on our characters and pushing Radio Drama. Also, to have an excuse to dress up.

Vanne: We are also currently working on our second album, which should be coming out sometime next year. We are very excited about this one because the songs are so different and fun. It definitively has a lighter mood than Radio Drama and we even have some songs for people to dance to!

Q: Was Radio Drama a success?

Jota: I would say so.

Santos: It exceeded my every expectation.

If you haven’t seen or heard of these bands here are some sites in which you can check them out:



Here are some photos of this event:

Diego Dazza

Staff writer

Photos by :

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