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Ultra Festival is one of the biggest electronic music festivals in the world. It takes place annually in Miami, Florida and it is part of the Winter Music Conference. Ultra has been gracing the city of South Florida for since 2001, and it has served as a platform for the careers of multiple electronic musician and DJs. Being so close, in both distance and type of music, the festival’s tickets sold out completely. Electronic music fans, scenesters, frat boys and yes, South Beah douches were left outside the gates heartbroken and buying fake tickets. The lines to get it were enormous and the traffic to get in and out of the festival area was backed up for miles, but somehow people managed to go, dance and have a great time.
Ultra was marked by many unbelievable events, including a great collaboration between the Swedish House Mafia and Florence Welch from Florence + the Machine. Other great acts included DJ Tiesto, The Crystal Method, Felix the House Cat, Carl Cox (Who put a great show full of lights in a tend named after him), and the big draw for the festival on the last day Deadmau5. It was great to see the big number of electronic music fans wearing mouse ears during a pretty hot day in South Florida. The show, as it was expected, was full of energy, great stages and a huge crowd. Even with all these huge electronica names, there was some room for indie dance/rock bands who did an excellent job keeping up with the DJs and getting new fans. Two of these bands that were a complete tread to see were Passion Pit and the great Ghostland Observatory.
Passion Pit played during the first day of the festival on the main stage for a little under 45 minutes. The festival was somewhat less crowded on Friday than it was on Saturday, therefore it was a little more comfortable to look at the bands. Passion Pit knew that their set was short and that most of the crowd was there to see Tiesto and the other artist who were more electronic, so they went for the jugular. The band played fast, loud and dancy. By the end of their set the crowd definitely knew who they were and what they were all about.
It’s been a great year for Ghostland Observatory, Not only did they embark in long North American Tour but the duo also co-headlined Austin City Limits along Pearl Jam and they closed Ultra along with Deadmou5. The duo from Austin, Texas grabbed a big chunk out of the Deadmou5 crowd with their funk electro-rock and did a great job of adding new fans from the dance fans. By the time the Observatory took the stage (11:15 P.M.) The crowd had been under the sun for over ten hours and they were ready to release all the energy and frustration that they had collected during their day at the park, and the band was a great outlet for it. People dancing everywhere to the sounds of Sad Sad City and Silver City. At the end, between Deadmou5 and Ghostland Observatory festival goers went home happy, or perhaps just to the next party.


April 9th was the date that Of Montreal and former member of the band James Husband took the Fillmore in Miami Beach by storm. It was only a year since Of Montreal came around South Florida and kicked all of our asses with an amazing show. Little did we know that they would be back in such a short period of time to do it again. As people filed in the Fillmore the excitement was slowly building up. The smell of cigarettes and beer, and the sight of colorful characters set the scene for an amazing night.

The night started around 8:30 P.M. with James Husband, recording name of James Huggins III, former member of Of Montreal and of multiple Elephant 6’s bands such as Ladybug Transistor and The Essex Green. By the time Husband took the stage, the Fillmore was half full. The medium size crowd was very supportive of the band and really absorbed the essence of what Husband’s music was all about. During half of Husband’s set people starting to dance to the catchy pop sounds and the energy and excitement of the fans started to explode with dancing and clapping. Husband finished around 9: 20 and then the crowd really got excited.
Around 9:50 P.M. the lights were down. The crowd exploded in a cheer and a man with a tiger mask came on stage and tried to pump up the crowd as if was even possible to do it more. Finally We saw the band walk on stage, and at the end, Kevin Barnes. Barnes picked up the guitar and dig into the song For Our Elegant Caste from the band’s latest album Skeletal Lamping. The set was heavy on Skeletal Lamping but The band did switch gears constantly to crowd pleasers from the great record Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?. There were also props and some dramatic place onstage. There was a point during the performance in which some extras came out onstage and, with Barnes on the lead role, acted out an impromptu support group. The scene ended with Barnes, who was supposed to be the facilitator of the group, shooting all the members with an invisible gun. Other props, common of the band’s shows, were people dressed up, psychedelic projections and a structure in which Barnes was crucified. One of the brightest moments of the show came during the great song She’s a Rejecter when three of the band’s helpers came out dressed with masks and blond wigs with an industrial vacuum cleaner. The vacuum was set in reverse and filled with white feathers that the crew blew over the audience making it feel surreal, which is kind of what Of Montreal is all about.
In general was a great show. Everybody went home happy, as Barnes, saying that the band likes to do a cover as their last song, send us off with a great rendition of Jackson 5’s I Want you Back.

This is how the setlist looked like:

1) For Our Elegant Caste
2) Mingusings
3) Cato as a Pun
4) Suffer for Fashion
5) Lysergic Bliss
6) Beware Our Nubile Miscreants
7) And I’ve Seen a Bloody Shadow
8 ) Plastis Wafer
9) St. Exquisite’s Confessions
10) Like A Tourist
11) Du Og Meg
12) An Eluardian Instance
13) Oslo in the Summertime
14) Heimdalsgate Like a Promethean Curse
15) A Sentence of Sorts in Kongsvinger
16) She’s a Rejecter
17) Requiem for O.M.M.2
18) I Want You Back (Jackson 5 cover)


Review by: Diego Dazza

For the second time in less than two years Rodrigo Sánchez and Gabriela Quintero brought their acustic metal, don’t-call-us-flamenco, unusual guitar styles to South Florida. The duo played at the Fillmore in Miami beach before a big and enthusiastic crowd compose of mostly indie music listeners and guitar players (There was a point in which Rodrigo asked if there was any guitar players in the audience and everybody but me raised their hand). All the time before the show started people were trying to get as close to the stage as possible to appreciate R&G’s skills up close.
The show started at around 8:30 with The Alex Skolnick Trio from New York. Alex Skolnick is a former metal guitarist in San Francisco who decided to leave his metal roots behind in California when he moved to New york city and it was there that he formed his trio and started playing a kind of modern Jazz. This similarity with Rodrigo and Gabriela (They started playing metal as well) is what allowed the transition between the two bands to be smooth, as well as the crowd to get into Skolnicks’s music.
A little after 9:30 Rodrigo y Gabriela took the stage and the enthusiastic crowd was more than ready for them. Concert goers were going bananas for every solo and for all the percussion that Gabriela did by hitting the guitar with her hand.If you never gone to a Rodrigo y Gabriela concert there’s a couple of things you should know. First of all, these guys are real good guitar players. It’s pretty crazy to see them play their instruments in such a way that feels full…only with two acoustic guitars! Granted they used a flamenco cajon as a percussion instrument during a couple of songs, but for the bigger part of the show they relied on the guitars. Secondly, They do a lot of covers. They are well know for their great renditions of Metalica’s One, Pink Floyd’s Wish you were here and Led Zepelin’s most guitar cliche song Stairway to heaven (Which they make an unlikely fresh version of the classic). However, they just did a few snippets of Seven Nation’s army and Santeria. Just long enough to keep the people interested. And the final thing you should know about R&G is that you have to see them to really appreciate the full effect of their music. Only live you can feel of how much closer to hard rock they are than to acoustic music. I highly recommend you dear reader, if you have the chance to see them in concert, do yourself a favor and do no skip these guys.

Here are some pictures:

Photos by: Veronica Peña


Wilco played at the Fillmore in Miami Beach to kick off their tour in support of their new album Wilco [The Album]. The show took place on Monday March 26. Wilco performed their unbelievably chaotic and beautiful music before a sold out crowd. And the crowd was into it to! Even Jeff Tweedy said that we were a great audience and that he usually don’t give out compliments. The Concert was really good with Wilco playing for over 3 hours. Their set consisted in a big chunk of songs from the new album, Wilco [The Album}, combined with some hit songs from Yankee Foxtrot Hotel, Ghost is Born, and Sky Blue Sky. They even did a great version of Woody Guthrie’s California Stars, from the album Mermaid Avenue Sessions which Wilco recorded along Billy Brag. During California Stars a kid name Max Crowdsurfed his way up to the stage. Max couldn’t have been happier to reach the stage where his idols were performing. Little did he know that things for him were going to get even better.When Tweedy saw this teenager, Max was around 14, being taken to the exit of the stage, he called him over and let Max finish the singing of the song. If that wasn’t enough, Tweedy then gave Max his Guitar and Max rocked it…Max was the fucking Lead singer for the Wilco for a little more than five minutes, but I’m sure for Max felt like a lifetime.
After that first set Tweedy said they were going to take a little break “enough time so you guys can go urinate” as Tweedy put it. When the band came back the crew had set up a smaller stage inside the big stage of the Fillmore. The small stage was cozy and homely which was the idea behind the title of the concert, Spend a night with Wilco. The band did 6 or 7 songs acusticly. The highlight of this were that the band was very close to the audience and their song Kamera.
After they were done with the acustic, sit down stuff everything went back to rocking hard and kicking asses with the last set full of Yankee Foxtrot Hotel‘s hits such as Heavy Metal Drummer, I’m the man who loves you and a great version of Jesus etc. in which the first half of the song was sang by the audience with Tweedy’s enthusiastic approval. After the song Monday (Cutely placed as the last song of the night since the show took place on a Monday.) The band left the stage again. However concert goers did not left. They wanted more, and Wilco happily obliged by singing an emotional tribute to Alex Chilton by doing a cover of Big Star’s Thank You Friends.
Overall it was a magical show and a reminder that there are still bands out there with genuine passion for music and appreciation for their fans.

Here’s how the playlist looked like:

1. Wilco (The Song)
2. Bull Black Nova
3. You Are My Face
4. I Am Trying To Break Your Heart
5. One Wing
6. Shot In The Arm
7. At Least That’s What You Said
8. Pot Kettle Black
9. Deeper Down
10. Impossible Germany
11. California Stars
12. Either Way
13. I’ll Fight
14. Handshake Drugs
15. You Never Know
16. Spiders (Acoustic)
17. What’s The World Got In Store (Acoustic)
18. Kamera (Acoustic)
19. Hesitating Beauty (Acoustic)
20. Sky Blue Sky (Acoustic)
21. Casino Queen (Acoustic)
22. Outta Mind (Outta Sight) (Acoustic)
23. Misunderstood
24. Heavy Metal Drummer
25. Jesus, Etc.
26. Hate It Here
27. Walken
28. I’m The Man Who Loves You
29. Monday
30. Thank You Friends (Big Star cover)


En el tercer y último día de festival Sergio Vinadé, voz y guitarra de Tachenko, se preguntaba delante del público porqué un festival que se llama “insmoni” (insomnio) hace sus conciertos a las nueve de la noche. Quizás la pregunta tenía bastante de acertado. Porqué cuesta entender que un evento como este, con un cartel tan cuidado y que prima calidad por encima de grandes nombres del mainstream independiente, cuente con tan poca presencia de público. Podremos achacar a los horarios, a la lluvia incesante en Barcelona, a la crisis, pero sea lo que sea a lo qué se recorra, no podremos dejar de lamentar que la primera noche del In-somni en Barcelona no haya tenido más repercusión.
El jueves este festival itinerante arrancó su edición en la capital catalana con una sesión en la sala Razzmatazz 2. El grupo costumbrista Els Amics de les Arts fue lo más destacado de la noche. Un público entregado y coreando todas y cada una de las canciones encaramó a estos cuatro amigos artistas al colofón de la velada. Simbiosis entre los de encima el escenario y los de abajo como nota predominante. Después de ellos Affoniks, con su sonido denso y theremín incluido, aportaron veteranía a esta primera jornada.
El viernes, y con la sala Apolo como escenario, trajo una de esas tormentas de las que se recuerdan en la ciudad. Pero en la sala del Paral·lel había unos cuántos que se refugiaron al calor de la proximidad que desde el escenario desprendía Anni B. Sweet. Con la desnudez de una guitarra acústica y el abrigo de una candidez suprema regaló a los presentes una buena dosis de folk cercano y avergonzado. La malagueña aporto su manera de ver particular al ya superpoblado panorama del pop femenino, hasta con versión del ‘Take on me’ de los A-Ha incluída.

Después de esta dosis de intimismo edulcorado, llegaron desde Glasgow The Cinematics. La formación escocesa disparó el ritmo y arranco pasos de baile, más o menos coordinados, entre el público. Con una premeditada puesta en escena, The Cinematics encadenaron varias porciones de rock vital típico de la buena factoría británica. La sensación de haber descubierto un buen grupo parecía deletrearse en los labios de más de uno al acabar el concierto.

Y, finalmente, llegó el sábado para poner el punto y final al In-somni. Este último día contó con los veteranos Tachenko como arquitectos del ecuador de la jornada. Los zaragozanos aportaron todos los ingredientes de su fructífera receta musical. Saber hacer, melodías redondas, infinito buen gusto y solvencia actitudinal. El resultado, el esperado. Una nueva demostración de capacidad de una de las mejores bandas del pop en castellano.

Los últimos cartuchos cargados y, entonces, saltaron Piano Magic al escenario. Una de esas perlas musicales por suerte no demasiado conocidas. Los chicos (y chica) de Londres desplegaron su post-rock experimental enseñando unas muy buenas maneras. Melodías que crecen y contraen sorpresivamente, versatilidad mayúscula entre los miembros de la banda (con cambios de instrumento y de rol incluidos) y canciones que disparan fogonazos a la monotonía lírica. Una delicia artística para los que el insomnio fue una buena compañía al menos durante tres días.
Buena suerte pues a este festival en sus próximas ediciones fuera de Barcelona, con el deseo de la consolidación para una de aquellas propuestas que quizás pierdan encanto cuándo ganen presencia mediática.

Oscar Villalibre

– Soyprensa Staff


The first Miami Music Festival took place in the sunshine capital of the world last December. The festival featured more than 120 bands playing in 15 different venues across Miami’s downtown. It also offered workshops and conference for musicians, video producers and music fans. The finest of the local scene gathered in various tends and bars to show concert goers that Miami’s music scene is not only about rap and electronic music.

The Show took place from Thursday December 10th until Saturday December 12th. “It’s very nice to see all this effort that was put in to make this festival possible,” said Gian Nicolaci, keyboard player of Radioboxer, “too bad that people here are not responding.” The limited publicity and the lack of enthusiastic concert goers in the city made the festival struggle on the first day. However, on Friday and Saturday, the attendance increased and the bands responded to the crowd.”

“Hopefully in the next years people will get excited about this festival as they do with Ultra and the Winter Music Festival (Electronic and dance music festivals).” Commented Migue Fernandez, lead singer of the local band Rebel, who was in attendance. “That way this can grow and become like our South by Southwest.”

The festival itself was bittersweet, on one hand was a nice change of rhythm for the bands and music fans that got to see several new bands, on the other it was disappointed to see the lack of organization and the fact that very few people heard of it. I guess the organizers will have to learn from the mistakes they did for the future. And hopefully in the years to come this festival will replace the, now in hiatus, Langerado Music Festival as the best place to showcase independent music in South Florida.

Diego Dazza

Soyprensa Staff Writer (Miami, Fl)

*Pictures by: Liliana Mora


Captura de pantalla 2009-11-13 a las 08.55.39

Austin City Limits went down last October in the music capital of the south Austin.  The festival lasted for three days and more than 150 bands took the stage including the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Kings of Leon, DevotchKa and the headliner band Pearl Jam. The show was marked by the rain but that didn’t stop concert goers to enjoy themselves in a fun and peaceful manner.

The festival was completly sold out and gave a lot of the bands a great chance to play their music for bigger crows  than they ussually do, including Kings of Leon and Phoenix, bands that actually aknowledge this fact.  Overall it was a great festival and a great role model for smaller festivals to follow.

You can see some pictures here:

Captura de pantalla 2009-10-05 a las 13.02.34

El jueves pasado SoyPrensa estuvo en el Palau San Jordi, en uno de los 2 conciertos que  Green Day incluyó en su paso por España.

Como lo prometido es deuda les traemos algunas tomas de una noche inolvidable. Nos agradó mucho ver entre el público a muchos niños, coreando a viva voz cada uno de los temas, los nuevos y clásicos.

El concierto empezó sobre las 20.30, y la banda abrió el show con 21st Century Breakdown, tema de su última producción, que lleva el mismo nombre y continuaron con Know your enemy, Before the Lobotomy y 21 guns.  Apenas pisaron el escenario la gente enloqueció, miles de fanáticos saltaban y coreaban las canciones, mientras que otros tuvieron que salir por agotamiento. Muchos habían llegado muy temprano para estar adelante, y valió la pena ya que el grupo fiel a su estilo, subió a varias personas del público, el primero un niño de nombre Federico, y después a una jovencita que no dudó en estamparle un beso a Billy Joel, y que cantó un tema entero con la banda mítica…vamos un momento inolvidable. Ayudados por una pistola de camisetas (si, eso) lanzaron algunas a los que estaban un poco mas alejados del escenario, Billy refrescó al público mas de una vez con una manguera de agua. Nos gustó mucho que la banda le de tanta importancia a su relación con el público, vamos que en próximo concierto estaremos adelante seguro!

No se olvidaron de los clásicos como Welcome to Paradaise, Basket Case, Minority, American Idiot, When I come around, Holiday, entre otros. Tambien nos regalaron unos covers de Stand By Me y Satisfaction. Como no podría ser de otra forma, concluyeron con Good Ridance, demostrando una vez mas que suenan increíble en directo, y que, como dirían los gringos ¨They still got it¨.

Cerca de dos horas de show entregados a su público nos han dejado un muy buen sabor de boca, y aunque a algunos les haya disgustado que el show haya empezado tan temprano, seguro que los padres que fueron con sus hijos lo agradecen mucho.

Y nosotros damos las gracias a Cap-Cap Productions por todo su apoyo, hasta la próxima!

Estabamos algo cerca del escenario y llevamos la camara pequeñita…estas son las tomas que pudimos hacer del show, esperamos lo disfruten!


One thing that was really obvious about the Gogol Bordello concert in Fort Lauderdale was that the place was packed.  The crowd was as numerous as they were wild. From the first note from Yuri Lemeshev’s accordion to the final thank you at the end of the night, the crowd gave themselves away to the Gypsy Punk Kings. After the show was done the floors of Revolution (One of the very few places that you can see good concerts in South Florida.) were wet with sweat as well as the walls decorated with Shepherd Farley’s prints.

One thing that you have to know about Gogol Bordello is that even when they have a leader in Eugene Hütz, there are several charismatic lead men and women. From the beginning of the show this fact was obvious, when the spot light was shared by Hütz, violinist Sergey Ryabtsev and Percussionist Pedro Erazo. Several High points of the show had to do with dancers Pamela Racine and Elizabeth Sun taking center stage, by either singing or helping the band out with the percussion.

The show was a little under two hours, but by looking at the crowd, it seemed like they just came back from a whole day festival.

It’s not secret that Gogol Bordello is a great live band. I’ve missed the twice before in Bonnaroo Music Festival and Austin City Limits. That’s a mistake I would try not to ever do again.

Diego Dazza

Staff Writter

Here are some pictures of the Gypsy punk party:

Photographer: Liliana Mora