Ultra Music Festival Review

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Ultra Festival is one of the biggest electronic music festivals in the world. It takes place annually in Miami, Florida and it is part of the Winter Music Conference. Ultra has been gracing the city of South Florida for since 2001, and it has served as a platform for the careers of multiple electronic musician and DJs. Being so close, in both distance and type of music, the festival’s tickets sold out completely. Electronic music fans, scenesters, frat boys and yes, South Beah douches were left outside the gates heartbroken and buying fake tickets. The lines to get it were enormous and the traffic to get in and out of the festival area was backed up for miles, but somehow people managed to go, dance and have a great time.
Ultra was marked by many unbelievable events, including a great collaboration between the Swedish House Mafia and Florence Welch from Florence + the Machine. Other great acts included DJ Tiesto, The Crystal Method, Felix the House Cat, Carl Cox (Who put a great show full of lights in a tend named after him), and the big draw for the festival on the last day Deadmau5. It was great to see the big number of electronic music fans wearing mouse ears during a pretty hot day in South Florida. The show, as it was expected, was full of energy, great stages and a huge crowd. Even with all these huge electronica names, there was some room for indie dance/rock bands who did an excellent job keeping up with the DJs and getting new fans. Two of these bands that were a complete tread to see were Passion Pit and the great Ghostland Observatory.
Passion Pit played during the first day of the festival on the main stage for a little under 45 minutes. The festival was somewhat less crowded on Friday than it was on Saturday, therefore it was a little more comfortable to look at the bands. Passion Pit knew that their set was short and that most of the crowd was there to see Tiesto and the other artist who were more electronic, so they went for the jugular. The band played fast, loud and dancy. By the end of their set the crowd definitely knew who they were and what they were all about.
It’s been a great year for Ghostland Observatory, Not only did they embark in long North American Tour but the duo also co-headlined Austin City Limits along Pearl Jam and they closed Ultra along with Deadmou5. The duo from Austin, Texas grabbed a big chunk out of the Deadmou5 crowd with their funk electro-rock and did a great job of adding new fans from the dance fans. By the time the Observatory took the stage (11:15 P.M.) The crowd had been under the sun for over ten hours and they were ready to release all the energy and frustration that they had collected during their day at the park, and the band was a great outlet for it. People dancing everywhere to the sounds of Sad Sad City and Silver City. At the end, between Deadmou5 and Ghostland Observatory festival goers went home happy, or perhaps just to the next party.

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